Nail Art

One of those art forms which have recently become popular, Nail Art is a truly creative way to decorate your fingernails. You might think that it is a recently developed art, but in reality, the origins of Nail Art dates back up to 5000 BC in ancient Egypt. Then it spread to China in around 3000 BC. Like this, slowly, today it is in practice all around the world.

The invention of the modern Nail Polish has fuelled the growth of this art to a large extent. Women of all ages and from streets to the prestigious runways now sport it on their fingernails, esp. on the left hand. As days pass by, more new designs and styles are being made for nails and shared. You can use Nail gel, Acrylic, Nail polish/varnish etc. and to decorate them there are piercings, glitters, dotting tools, sponges etc.

There is just no limit to the creativity you can use to produce some outstanding designs on your nails and become a master at it. Learn Nail art systematically and perfectly and unleash your creativity to the world.

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