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The art of an artist reveals everything about their life. Art is nothing but an impression of an artist’s soul. If one wants to understand how an artist thinks, or what their personality is, they should study their art closely. Art is considered to be one of the best meditation since many centuries. Event in the ancient time, kings & emperors used to invest their time in some

What Your Handwriting Reveals About You!

        What Your Handwriting Reveals About You!

Our handwriting is an imprint of our soul on paper. Many may not know this, but our handwriting represents our personality, behavior and our thoughts as well. The science of analyzing one’s personality by their handwriting is ‘Graphology’. Research tells that 5000 personality traits can be identified by

Be your own boss using your creative skills

Do you often get complimented for your creative skills? Are you everybody’s go-to person when they want to make something artistic? You can use these skills to earn a little extra money doing what you love and enjoy. If you are blessed with the gift of art & creativity, you should utilize it the right way. With digital media trending, it has become easy for homemakers to start and promote their small businesses at n

5 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

5 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Seeing the excitement and joy on your loved ones faces when you hand them a gift is beyond happiness. The beauty in wrapping the gift box is as important as the content inside the box! DIY gift wrapping also adds personal touch to your gifts, apart from being cost effective. You can also play with the gift wrappings as per themes and occasions.

So here are a few gift wrapping ideas whic

How Handwriting is Beneficial for Students Today!

A good handwriting is a reflection of clear thoughts and is an imprint of oneself on the page. A person’s handwriting tells a lot about their personality. For students, it is one of the important things that can help them achieve good grades in exams. It is a great way to keep your child focused and motivated to study harder. Practice and correct writing techniques help in increasing the

PENKRAFT’s concept of ‘course in a box’ means that everything that you need for undergoing a course, be it in art & craft, handwriting improvement, or calligraphy is included in the box. The box thus consists of the coursebook, the course schedule, practice books and equipment such as the calligraphy nibs, pens, pencils, etc for the particular course. read more...

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