Calligraphy: Making Letters Beautiful

Since time immemorial, humans have devised many forms of communicating with each other. Writing has been a major part of that. People of different regions devised their own scripts, letters, and words to express themselves. Writing has become so common all over the world that every human being learns to write.

But writing wasn’t only just formal communication. Armed with creativity that was limitless, human

Why one should learn Mandala?

First and foremost thing, the people who know about the various art forms of India are in minority. Among them too, those who know about the Mandala art, they are not aware of the unique properties of it. Yes, there are reasons why the mandala art form is different from another art forms like warli painting, madhubani painting etc.

No wonder, those who are a master at drawing mandalas, recomme

9 Best Calligraphy fonts you must know

Many people have the opinion that Calligraphy is not that interesting as painting. But there are things which prove that notion wrong. Calligraphy has ‘Fonts’, and a lot of them, which make it an awesome art form. Those who practice calligraphy, love to collect and master many fonts as they can. Some fonts are famous and used by many, here are a few best ones.

  1. Hiatus

This wonderful

What are the tools needed for calligraphy?

There will hardly be any art form where you will require little to nothing to create in it. Drawing and painting, esp. the different styles like Warli painting, Madhubani painting etc. require a lot of colours to make. Likewise, there are certain tools needed to create the different wonderful font styles in ‘Calligraphy’, the art of creative writing.

Although a basic Ink pen an

What Benefits do we get with Mandala paintings?

Images are a great form of visualisation, a process which activates the creative centres of our brain; and as we visualise, imagine and go in the creative mode for new things, we completely forget any issues, worries in our lives. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for ‘Circle’ or ‘Wheel’. It encompasses the idea of unity, wholeness.

Mandala art is in

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