7 Types of Mandala Designs


Mandala Art is a beautiful art form which is a symbolic and ritualistic representation in Hinduism and Buddhism, considered as one of richest visual objects. The art form is considered as a source for meditation. Following are seven types of mandala designs:

  • Healing mandala

Besides being a beautiful and an interesting art form, Mandala art can also prove to be very t

Characteristics Of A Good Handwriting


Writing is a habit which is inculcated in a child since the moment they learn to hold a pencil/pen properly. Beginning with scribbles, crayons and moving on to pens, pencils, and cursive writing—with elements of swooping, swirling letters—some children may love handwriting while others dislike the thought of putting pencil to paper. The reason for it may perhaps be a parent or teacher

Calligraphy as a Career


Calligraphy refers to the art of writing letters in a beautiful way, and is an expressive medium where the letters come alive—vibrant and pulsating. It is a perfect choice as a career for those who are very much interested in a creatively fulfilling career while having an artistic flair and do not wish to be drawn into a regular morning-to-evening mediocre job life.

Moreover, there

5 benefits of learning Abacus



Abacus is an old instrument that boosts your calculation skills. It has numerous benefits and if one learns it at a younger age, then it has long term benefits. That said, it is useful for kids and adults alike. Here are five benefits of learning Abacus:

  • One of the main benefits of learning abacus is that it helps us in improving our calculations
How one can earn by learning Handwriting & Calligraphy


Calligraphy is a beautiful art form of writing. At a time when cursive handwriting seems to be losing its touch among children and adults alike, it may be surprising to note that calligraphy is making a comeback, with people recognizing the need to use calligraphy for making an impact on the readers. While carefully hand-lettered invitations, place settings and envelopes are often used exclusiv

PENKRAFT’s concept of ‘course in a box’ means that everything that you need for undergoing a course, be it in art & craft, handwriting improvement, or calligraphy is included in the box. The box thus consists of the coursebook, the course schedule, practice books and equipment such as the calligraphy nibs, pens, pencils, etc for the particular course. read more...

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