Introduction to Mandala Stones

Dot Mandala on Stone

The word “Mandala” is basically derived from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. It represents wholeness & is far more than a simple shape. Mandala is a holy practice that involves Tibetan Monks & many other cultures.

Nowadays, people use Mandala images for artistic decoration or as an aid for meditation. But did you ever wondered Mandala can also be painted on stones too!

8 wonderful health benefits of Painting you must know!

Dot Mandala

A Painting can be defined as the medium of expressing someone’s feelings. It is an artistic way to define one’s feelings and emotions. It acts as an intermediate for visual expression. It provides mental, emotional, psychological & spiritual balance required for a person’s well-being & improves the overall quality of life.

Regular exercises & healthy

5 Distinctive Styles of Madhubani Painting


Madhubani painting is one of the most famous Indian art forms. It was traditionally created by women. Women were from the Mithila region of Bihar and that’s why it is known as Mithila painting or Madhubani painting. The colors used in Madhubani paintings are mainly made from plants and other natural sources. This painting can be drawn on canvas, cloth, and handmade paper. Following are fi

Madhubani Painting – The hidden artistic delight of India.


Madhubani Art is one of the oldest art forms in India. Having originated in Mithila, a town in present-day Bihar, the art is also known as ‘Mithila Art’. Until recent times, very few people were aware of this magnificent art form of India. The tale of how Madhubani was introduced explains why the art has always been ahead of its time. A 2500-year-old art was made famous by King Janak when

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