Mural Art

Creativity is contagious, pass it on !

Have you ever thought of painting your wall with some unique Art? Do you think your Children would want to transform their wall into something interesting? If you have decided you want to paint your wall all by yourself, then Mural is one of the best options to choose for. Don’t know from where to start? We are here we are to help you.

A hand-painted Mural is one of the most affordable and easy ways to transform your home into art, a blank space into a colourful canvas. When you walk into a room with a mural, you will immediately feel like you are in a bigger space.

It adds a touch of magic, beauty or class to indoor and outdoor locations (the side of your house, your garage door, your shed), a boring wall will suddenly become an attractive and eye catching.

Now start imagining your current décor and start dreaming about what you would like to add and transform. Think about your home as a living canvas.

PENKRAFT’s concept of ‘course in a box’ means that everything that you need for undergoing a course, be it in art & craft, handwriting improvement, or calligraphy is included in the box. The box thus consists of the coursebook, the course schedule, practice books and equipment such as the calligraphy nibs, pens, pencils, etc for the particular course. read more...

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