Soap Making

The Wonderful Bar that freshens and cleans us during bathing is none other than the humble Soap. Have you ever wondered how it is made? There are 2 processes to make a soap bar: 1. Heat & Pour, 2. Cold Process.

1. Heat & Pour.
This process is primarily used to teach children, as it is the easiest. You get a readymade base on which the Saponification process has been done already. You just have to heat them and when they are melted, you pour them in containers of your desired shapes. In between, you can add pigment powder and/or fragrance oils of your choice.

2. Cold Process.
In this process, you mix some fixed oils with an Alkali, the result is a chemical process called Saponification. Here, the composition of the oils changes with the help of the Alkali and a Soap bar is created. The rest of the process will be similar to the heat & pour method. This process is mainly for the elder people, as it is a complex one for the children to handle.

This activity is really very fun to do, one which you will remember while using the soap for bathing. Learn it at Penkraft; who knows, it might sprout a soap making business idea in you!

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