Penkraft KR Puram Banglore
Penkraft Chaitra

Figures like Sudha Murthy & Abdul Kalam might have inspired her to be an engineer by qualification, but ultimately teaching is where her true passion is. Chaitra’s motto that she stands by is “Born to be an entrepreneur”. Her myriad of experiences laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial forays - handicrafts for Poorand, engineering college lecturer (and an instant favourite amongst students), Amway, Tupperware consultant and manager of a group of 70, a decorated teacher at beGalileo, advisor and senior trainer at Vindyaa the Altitude of Art and Srishti Kids, SSERD Space Collaboration, Science Ashram, Green Magic, vacation consultant for Karnataka Hikes, Tortoise traveller, master lady trainer in and around Bangalore; Chaitra has done it all! She now lives in Bangalore with her husband and two kids. Equipped with an arsenal of experience, true passion and a underlying commitment to teach Chaitra has now established a Penkraft Activity Centre at KR Puram Bagalore. She trains scores of kids in abacus and handwriting and her institution is one of pride!

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Print Handwriting
One Stroke Painting
Madhubani Painting
Pen Mandala
Dot Mandala
Gond Art
Gond Art
Fluid Art
Abacus Maths
Vedic Maths