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Lippan Art Advanced

Lippan Art

The Kutch region of Gujarat is home to a variety of arts and crafts and, one such unique tradition of decorating walls of homes with mud and clay is Lippan kaam. It is basically mud relief work that also incorporates mirrors. Lippan or mud washing is done on inner walls of houses using mixture of clay and camel dung by making intricate patterns using glass pieces to create designs. This form of art uses mixture of ceramic for different surfaces, shaping clay to create various designs, mirror pieces and acrylic paints.

Traditionally, dung and clay are mixed in equal proportions for the dough, and the walls are moistened so that the dough sticks to them. First, the borders are created and then, the decorative motifs are made. The dough is rolled into cylindrical stripes of varying thicknesses and used to make precise patterns on the surface. As it’s not possible to craft murals with traditional techniques for urban residences, Penkraft has introduced a contemporary way to create this art on various decorative and household surfaces. With a proper understanding of the process to create Lippan Art and giving it an artistic look, you can make your personalized designs.

Once you master the art of making these articles, you are set on the path of gifting or selling them and running your own business.

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