Penkraft Dahisar Mumbai
Penkraft Nattasha Shetty

"Live and Let Live" is Natasha P Shetty's motto in life. A science graduate by education, a loving wife and a mother to a 13 yr. old teenager, Natasha has spent her school-going years in Bahrain and made Mumbai her home after marriage. Her passion to work with children, a keen interest in child psychology and the business woman in her genes...led her to first become Penkraft Certified Teacher and then start her own Penkraft Center at Dahisar, Mumbai. She strongly believes that one should always keep an open mind and continue to learn new things every day...

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Print Handwriting
Cursive Handwriting
Devnagiri Handwriting
One Stroke Painting
Madhubani Painting
Pen Mandala
Dot Mandala
Gond Art
Gond Art
Fluid Art