Penkraft Nashik
Penkraft Chitra Apurva

Chitra Apurwa is a commerce graduate, a finance post-graduate and an entrepreneur at heart! While her impeccable school & college record bears testimony to her affinity to academics, and by extension, to teaching, her initial calling was as an accountant. It was post marriage, and after relocating from Gujarat to Nasik, that her entrepreneurial journey started. Undeterred by her domestic and familial responsibilities, or rather spurred on by them, Apurwa has chosen to start her own Penkraft Center, a first in Nasik, and enthusiastically intends to build it up into a grand success story!

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Print Handwriting
Cut Nib Calligraphy
Brush Pen Calligraphy
Madhubani Painting
Pen Mandala
Dot Mandala
Gond Art
Abacus Maths