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Penkraft Lippan Art on Jewellery Box Workshop!

During this workshop, you shall learn -

  •       History of Lippan art
  •       Introduction to surface
  •       Introduction to air dry clay
  •        Introduction to colors used in Lippan Art
  •       How to prepare the surface for Lippan Art
  •        Learn how to mix air-dry clay
  •        Selection of the right shape and size of mirrors

  •        How to preserve air dry clay for longer time
  •        How to create different shapes with air dry clay
  •        How to paste the air dry clay onto the surface
  •        How to create designs of Lippan Art on the desired surface
  •        Tips and tricks to enhance your expertise in Lippan Art
  •        Step-by-step demonstration and guidance
  •        Do's and don'ts


Material provided - MDF box, brush no. 03, brush no. 000, acrylic colors, mirrors, glue and air dry clay.

Take aways - A beautiful master piece created by you, confidence of creating the next beautiful artwork without any help, a refreshed mind and happiness. 

Contact : +91 7304044596.

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