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During this workshop, you shall learn -

  • History of Resin Art
  • Introduction to resin and hardener
  • Introduction to color pigments used in Resin Art
  • Introduction to the surface
  • How to prepare the surface
  • Do's and don'ts before starting the art work
  • Safety precautions while handling resin and hardener
  • How to measure and mix resin and hardener
  • How to select the right colors to make your art work attractive
  • How to add color pigments in resin
  • How to create ocean and beachscapes
  • Creating a beach setting
  • How to make textures for mountains and rocks
  • How to write name on the sand
  • How to layer waves to create depth using cells and lacing
  • How to keep your resin bubble free
  • Right way of pouring resin on the surface
  • How to handle the tools like heat gun and air dryer
  • How to keep your art work safe until it's dry
  • Tips and tricks to enhance your expertise in Resin Art
  • Step-by-step demonstration and guidance

Material provided - Round MDF, resin & hardner, pigments - (white, dark blue, sea green), miniature - boat, slipper, blow torch, moss, mouldit clay - 2 packets, 1 toothpick, sand, 2-hand gloves, ice cream sticks, paper glasses, glue, acrylic colors - burnt sienna, sea green, dark blue, cerulean blue, lacing pigment.

Takeaways - A beautiful master piece created by you, confidence of creating the next beautiful artwork without any help, a refreshed mind and happiness.

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