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  During this workshop, you shall learn -

  • Madhubani is a traditional art form characterized by its intricate designs and patterns.
  • You will learn the distinctive techniques used in Madhubani painting, such as creating line drawing, and filling patterns with vibrant colors.
  • Get information about the authentic style of creating madhubani painting, then try and explore the contemporary way Penkraft has introduced to create the artform.
  • Guidance and information about the materials and tools used to create the artwork.
  • Learn about the specific features, motifs, and patterns used in Madhubani Art.
  • Learn how to handle acrylic paints on MDF Surface.
  • Guidance to maintain the consistency of the paint.
  • Learn to give finishing touches to the article.

  • Learning Madhubani painting on a tray allows you to blend rich tradition of this artform with decorative and functional items. 

Material provided - Pre-marked Serving Tray with handles, Acrylic Colors (set of 6)-1, Round Brush Size 10,03-1 each, glue-1.

Takeaways-A beautiful master piece created by you, confidence of creating the next  beautiful artwork without any help, a refreshed mind and happiness.

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