Have you joined the DIY Art Revolution, yet? Be a DIY-er with Penkraft & see your hidden creativity blossom.

Have you joined the DIY Art Revolution, yet? Be a DIY-er with Penkraft & see your hidden creativity blossom.

DIY Art Kit are buzzwords in the creative community but how do you go about crafting a new art piece for home or gift? Have you ever hunted the art objects, colours, glue, sparkles etc. all around the marketplace, and ended up with purchasing large volumes of expensive materials going waste? We at Penkraft have already-packed, budget-friendly, creative DIY Art Kits with various Art form ready for you.

For instance, you purchase DIY Art Kit and start decorating the item! Just assume you have a simple frame to be transformed into trendy art piece that will stand apart from the rest. Try decorating your frame with different traditional, folk artwork or trendy abstract patterns of art, like Madhubani painting, Gond art, Mandala art, Decoupage art.  If you are confused how to start watch video tutorials on Penkraft’s YouTube channel for ideas and tips on decorating the frame. These videos help non-artists and beginners to learn and flourish their art skills. All you need to do is initaiate your first atep towards the creative world by purchasing the already-packaged DIY Art Kit and start exploring the creative world with different artforms.

The best thing about these DIY Art Kit is that you can gift it to your children, family, and friends who are art-lovers or gift them your handmade art piece on special occasions. Gifting your children with DIY Kits will help them have thoughtful and creative time learning and crafting new artform, during their vacations. For eager crafters, DIY Art Kits are no longer a hobby, but a moment. So, be a part of this moment and strike the creative fire in you. Decorate your room with unique collection of traditional or trendy artwork all hand-painted by you.

Penkraft’s DIY Art Kit has unique combinations of articles for each Artform set. Each kit has its own unique material in self-sufficient quantity, having no need to wander or hunt around the marketplace to purchase expensive objects, colours, brushes, and glue in large quantity. Price of the kit is quite affordable to a particular art.

Penkraft’s DIY Kits are cost-effective and supplied worldwide. You simply have to log in to Penkraft website, order the kit of your choice, and watch the available video tutorial for guidance to the art technique.

Penkraft is launching its new range of DIY Art Kits, take a step forward to be a DIY-er yourself and join the DIY Art Revolution. Do visit our website to purchase the DIY Art Kit of your choice now.

Posted By Neha | Date : 2020-02-22

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