Difference between Writing and Hand Writing

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Writing and Handwriting are not and should never be considered the same. Some people skip words and believe it hardly makes any difference. Both Handwriting & Writing is important for a child. Children need to know what to write and how to write. Let’s sort out the difference between Writing and Handwriting.

Writing: It’s all about putting our ideas on paper with a writing instrument, Pen, Pencil, etc., which is may or may not be legible for the reader to extract from it. Writing, a mode of communication through which others understand what you want to convey is a lifelong skill. Moreover, it is far more important to express your ideas. Success in school and in life depends on how well you are able to communicate your ideas, not how neatly you form your letters.

Handwriting: It is something that relates to the proper way to form letters and words using paper, pen, or pencil which supposedly has to be legible for the reader to comprehend what has been written? Handwriting is a mode of presenting one’s thought through writing. Handwriting is important for children because it is a basic tool used in many subjects — taking notes, taking tests, doing classroom work and homework for almost every content as well as in language arts classes — poor handwriting can have a pervasive effect on school performance.

So, find the way to support your child and encourage him/her to express the ideas to improve their handwriting

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