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Creativity is important in whatever field you are in.  But how do you start thinking more out of the  box when you work in a very “uncreative” career?  Look no further—we’ve scoured the web for some of  the best advice on how to think more like the designers and innovators of the world, and how that  thinking can help you out in all aspects of life.

   I’m a research analyst, so the most creative I typically get in my day-to-day work is, well, that’s all!

5 ways to be more creative in a “no- creative” job:

  1. A tiny Notebook for your personal use: Not for planning out things or for a scratch. But solely reserved for jotting down quotes, stories, experiences, or anything that will make you stand still and read.
  2. Schedule some time to be creative: It is just like scheduling time to meditate or gym. In other words, schedule it into your week maybe 15 minutes in an entire day! But carve out some time when you allow yourself to think wildly and freely, do some handiwork, or wander around somewhere especially inspirational.
  3. Surround Yourself with Inspiration: If you’re feeling a lull in your creativity, maybe it’s time to get offline and create a physical space for inspiration. Just Drab cubicle walls are a great canvas for this. By creating an environment that’s full of ideas, you’ll find it easier to come up with your own, without having to spend more time staring at a screen.
  4. It’s time to change your Routine: You remember commuting train today morning, why not take a bus up a bus today. By creating an environment that’s full of ideas, you’ll find it easier to come up with your own, without having to spend more time staring at a screen.
  5. Quell out the word “NO” from your thoughts: Next time your boss asks you to do something you’re not sure about, avoid the temptation to say no. Instead, push yourself to fake it until you make it and give it a try. Putting yourself outside your comfort zone will force you to get creative with tackling new challenges, and it may just open up doors that you would never have thought possible. Not to mention opportunities for promotion!

You don’t need to be an Artist to be creative. Just try out these simple ways to be more creative and see how your life takes a turn around.

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