Calligraphy: Making Letters Beautiful

Since time immemorial, humans have devised many forms of communicating with each other. Writing has been a major part of that. People of different regions devised their own scripts, letters, and words to express themselves. Writing has become so common all over the world that every human being learns to write.

But writing wasn’t only just formal communication. Armed with creativity that was limitless, human beings started to beautify the letters and words. The dull looking sentences then started to look interesting and attractive. Slowly, this designing of the letters increased and came to be known as Calligraphy. The main difference in calligraphy writing and the usual and formal writing is that in calligraphy, we mainly use a broad tip brush or pen, while in the formal writing, we use our everyday 0.5mm regular pens.

As compared to other art forms like warli painting, madhubani painting, mandala art, glass painting, Chinese one stroke painting; calligraphy is easier to learn and master. One advantage of calligraphy is that we already know the letters and have written them many times since our childhood. We just have to learn the art of giving forms to these letters in a skillful, harmonious and expressive manner.

Many people don’t realise the beauty of this art form before, but only after they start practising it. There are hundreds of calligraphy fonts existing in the world and regularly new fonts are invented by talented calligraphers. Some of them are easy to master, others are difficult, and they give varying degrees of beauty to the otherwise dull letters of the script.

Calligraphy makes the letters truly beautiful and graceful. Most of the letters get curvaceous extensions. In some fonts, they are joined and are written continuously while in other fonts they are written independently. The letters get varying amount of thickness as we write them. Mostly at the edges, the lines of the letters are slim, while in the middle they gradually become broad.

Calligraphy truly has made the various scripts, the letters beautiful and has fueled our creativity in a different, unique way. As the reader reads the content written in a beautiful calligraphic style, a pleasant freshness and life is felt from the writing and it becomes interesting to read. Some fonts are such, we just keep looking at them.

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