5 Absolutely Practical Reasons to learn Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the beautiful art form of writing the letters in a unique style. Although the Greek term literally means beautiful writing, it is a lot more than that.  While beauty, personality and artistic impact do matter in handwriting, speed and clarity are more important. Besides, a lot has been written about calligraphy and its intricacies in our previous blogs. This post will discuss the reasons to learn calligraphy.

So here are reasons you must learn the art:

  • You will feel mentally refreshed: Calligraphy is more than beautiful writing. It helps you to detox and it is especially needed in a time when we are so consumed by work all the time. Besides a great form of relaxation, it will also help in bringing out the creative person in you
  • Anyone can learn it: Whether you are a teenager or a retired person, you can learn this art form if you are interested in it. You don’t have to feel you are past the age of learning because you aren’t and it applies not only to calligraphy but any subject in general.
  • You can incorporate calligraphy in your art: This is one of the best and important reasons for learning calligraphy. If you are interested in sketchbooking and art illustrations, you can use calligraphy in your art and make your impression!
  • It isn’t expensive: Another important reason, and best, reason to learn this art form is that it is reasonable in terms of cost.
  • A lot of money can be saved on wedding and other events: In addition to being inexpensive, another added bonus of calligraphy is that you can save lot on printing wedding cards or event-invitation cards since a calligrapher is required for that.

So what more reasons do you need to learn this affordable art-form?

Posted By Abhilasha

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