Gond Art: The History of it’s origin

Gond is one of the largest communities settled in central India, and work hard towards keeping their tradition and culture alive, and Gond art is predominantly one of them.The art was formed out of their interest in painting their walls and floor of their house with various animals, trees, flowers, God and everything related to daily life.

The word “Gond” originates from the Dravidian expression “kond” which refers to the green mountains.While the evidence of the existence of Gond people, as per the recorded history, goes back to around1400 years, the discovery of their rock paintings dating to the Mesolithic periodshows that their antecedents probably date back even further. Moreover, the Mesolithic connection is reflected in many of the Gonds’ customs; such as the custom of decorating the walls of their houses, a ritual that perhaps originated in cave-dwelling traditions of their ancestors.

The uniqueness of the art-form lies in the fact that it uses dots and linesin the creations. And one can observe acertain sense of balance and symmetry in the pattern that is usedin this type of creations, such as spiral forms along with trees, leaves, animals and human figures. And with time, artists have modified the art form in their way. For instance, one maybe using dots, while someone maybe using dash. Other artists have their own styles of patterns and designs.

Everything is sacred and intimately connected to nature in the eyes of a Gond artist.Therefore, the unique oral narrative tradition of the Gonds is reflected in their paintings, too. The folk tales and culture is the root of the work of Gond artists, and story-telling is, therefore, a strong element of every painting.

In many museums, one can find few of theamazing Gond art paintings collection by renowned artists like Suresh Kumar Dhurve, Shiv Prasad Malviya, Manoj Kumar Tekam, Durga Bai and others.


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