Difference between children learning abacus and other children

Abacus is a very ancient and important calculating tool that was invented approximately around 2500 years ago. Although its place of origin is apparently China, it later went on to become popularized in countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. as well as in the countries in the Western world. Learning abacus has many benefits and following are the ways how it is beneficial forchildren in their studies:

  • Children who learn abacus have a greater memory power, as compared to other children of the same age who don’t. It is due to the fact that the children learning abacusvisualise the image of numbers on the abacus, as they mentally calculate with abacus method
  • Abacus greatly improves the calculation skills along with the visual memory. Children find it easierto do mental maths quickly with accuracy
  • Children learning abacus can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division—involving large numbers—with greater speed than the calculator and computer
  • Additionally, it also helps in improving concentration,logical thinking, contributes to personality development as well as high confidence level
  • Also, it greatly boosts creative and imagination skills since children inculcate the practise of visualizing the image of numbers on the abacus

Overall, abacus classes make the whole training fun and meaningful. It helps the children to catch up easily with what is being taught; and in retaining the technique taught to them due to the boost in memory power due to abacus.

Posted By Abhilasha

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