Calligraphy as a Career


Calligraphy refers to the art of writing letters in a beautiful way, and is an expressive medium where the letters come alive—vibrant and pulsating. It is a perfect choice as a career for those who are very much interested in a creatively fulfilling career while having an artistic flair and do not wish to be drawn into a regular morning-to-evening mediocre job life.

Moreover, there is much more to Calligraphy than writing—it is an integral part of various other fields such as graphic designing, typeface or manuscript design, fine arts, illustrations, sign making, etc. In addition to that, calligraphers are a lot in demand when it comes to writing on invitation cards for wedding or any event. As it is gaining an increasing popularity for its rich heritage, it is being adapted to the digital media as well.

However, one must not forget that for this art form, like all others, the skills need to be honed and perfected. Beginners must also learn to master the skill of being patient during this process of perfecting the skill since it takes time. In order to establish a career as a calligrapher, it is important to choose a speciality in the field. For instance, one can go for hand-lettering for events; while some opt for unique projects like lettering wedding vows or a speech. Still, many work on mastering their lettering style before creating it as a digital font. Word-of-mouth publicity hugely helps in promoting your work and gaining recognition and credibility, besides the usual promotion on social media accounts.

For those who wish to pursue it as a side business while continuing with their career, there cannot be a more tacit way of increasing your income!

Posted By Abhilasha

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