Characteristics Of A Good Handwriting


Writing is a habit which is inculcated in a child since the moment they learn to hold a pencil/pen properly. Beginning with scribbles, crayons and moving on to pens, pencils, and cursive writing—with elements of swooping, swirling letters—some children may love handwriting while others dislike the thought of putting pencil to paper. The reason for it may perhaps be a parent or teacher scolding them about their handwriting, while stressing on to ‘be neater.’ But most importantly, it is important to consider what elements make for a good handwriting:

  • In order to have a good handwriting, it is important to remember that it should be legible in a flash, not requiring the need to make out the words.
  • It should not only look consistent, but also be simple. As an example, one can follow body-text typography. If you try to make your writing look like a typeface, then that is as good as a first step towards getting a hold on improvised handwriting.
  • The letters should not have any unnecessary parts, tails or loops to make it easier to read.
  • A beautifully written piece has proper spacing; wherein the letters in a word, the words in a line and the lines in a page are not crowded too closely together.
  • A beautiful handwriting is one in which the letters are well framed, including in size and space, which is upright or slopes slightly forward in which the lines of writing are parallel to the top of sheet of the paper.

Everyone can improve their handwriting. It can be improved or perfected through a lot of writing practice. Also, it is important to note that the writing should not be labored and should be done at a reasonable speed. Writing practice will ensure speed combined with legibility.

Posted By Abhilasha | Date : 2018-03-07

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