The Living Art of Handwriting: Modern Calligraphy

Cursive handwriting with a pen is an open door into the sensual world. Handwriting is not just expression of gratification but more than a history. Unlike the writing of cursive there is no replacement for the art of calligraphy and it’s still kicking and very much alive. Since ancient times calligraphy is surprising us in a way where most of us will be surprised. The process itself is so elevating from choosing the right pen to right paper and patterns.

Calligraphy as a Profession

Many businesses use the service of calligraphers such as wedding planners hire to create invitations, educational institutes use for creating degree certificates and sometime graphic design companies for special orders. Likewise many professional calligraphers work as freelancers to add their own touch to the art for creating official documents, business cards and wedding cards.
In many place calligraphy is a booming art in business and many hire professional calligraphers to create envelops, place card, addressed invitations.
Calligraphy was one of the most dominant form of art which is fading due to advanced technology. But here at Penkraft, we try to keep the art form in its natural form and keep the art mortal.

Tools of the Calligrapher

Calligraphy is art form whereas modern fronts are poor imitation. If you are interested in learning calligraphy one must master these few techniques and the basic tools.

  1. The Pen
    The most important and powerful tool for calligraphy is the pen and there is varied options for artists to choose. As it is well said, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. Cartridge pen are used by most of the calligraphers as  they can change the nib according  to the flow of words for large letters wide nib while a narrower for smaller ones.
  2. The Technique

Practicing calligraphy will definitely lead you to different styles of writing. Every nib has got its own style so practice as much as possible with different techniques so you will get a well idea of the technique and a better understanding of nibs and use of colors.

  1. The Balance

Calligraphy is the balanced art form forming combination of lines and ovals. One should be well versed with the amount of space to be maintained between letters and arrangement of upper and lower case letters to produce an artistic masterpiece.

  1. The Flow

The flow between the letters should be smoothly so the words look beautiful across the page. Take your time in writing every letter and word and avoid changing nib of the pen in middle of a word as the sentence might look choppy or half written so the calligraphy looks more like an art of work than scribbles.


                Start small but most importantly practice. Practice makes perfect. Understand the art well and the right tools with lot of time to enjoy the new art. No matter soon you will be immersed in this ancient form delicacy and reimbursed the art in its pure form.

Penkraft not only trains one the art of calligraphy but believe in developing beautiful minds just like the art.

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