How Handwriting is Beneficial for Students Today!

A good handwriting is a reflection of clear thoughts and is an imprint of oneself on the page. A person’s handwriting tells a lot about their personality. For students, it is one of the important things that can help them achieve good grades in exams. It is a great way to keep your child focused and motivated to study harder. Practice and correct writing techniques help in increasing the student’s academic performance, improves recall and boosts their confidence. Good handwriting is like meditation for some people. The more they write, the calmer and concentrated they feel.


Benefits of Good Handwriting


  • Sharpens The Memory

It is a known fact that using pen and paper for writing boosts the memory. When we write something down, it resonates well with our brain and increases the recall value of the text. Psychological science has proven that longhand notes takers engage in more cognitive processing than those who use laptops.


  • Improves Academic Performance

Handwriting plays a very essential part in the improvement of a student’s academic performance. Many teachers have admitted that their biggest struggle while checking papers isunderstanding and decoding bad handwriting. Teachers tend to give better grades to students with good handwriting as it looks pleasant to the eyes, thereby increasing chances of the text being readable.


  • Good for Brain Development

If a child is given training for improving handwriting at an early stage, it helps in their brain development and helps them become more organized in nature. When a child reads any text written in a good handwriting, they understand the formation of each letter well and it helps them while writing the text.


  • Enhances Writing Skills

If a child has a good handwriting, they enjoy writing more. It automatically gives their creativity a boost and improves their writing skills. Good handwriting is like decorating a page.A better handwriting will motivate children to write more when it comes to writing essays, articles and even in exams.


  • Boosts Confidence

Handwriting is an important criterion for evaluating a child’s performance in school. If the handwriting of a child is appreciated by his teachers and his classmates, he feels confident to perform well in studies.

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