5 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

5 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Seeing the excitement and joy on your loved ones faces when you hand them a gift is beyond happiness. The beauty in wrapping the gift box is as important as the content inside the box! DIY gift wrapping also adds personal touch to your gifts, apart from being cost effective. You can also play with the gift wrappings as per themes and occasions.

So here are a few gift wrapping ideas which will make your gift stand out and also establish a happier connection with the receiver.

Stamped Gift Wraps

Gift Wrapping 1

Buy a normal cardboard paper from the market and decorate it with impressions made with rubber stamps. Rubber stamps are a one-time investment and pocket friendly as you can reuse the stamps in the future.

Wrapper made out of Grocery Bags

Gift Wrapping 2

Save those grocery brown paper bags and reuse them for wrapping. You can also decorate the brown bags with colorful stickers or paint it with water color.

3D Wrapping

Gift Wrapping 3

This is a perfect idea especially if you are wrapping gifts for kids. You can stick on little cute objects on the wrapping paper to give it a fun touch. Eg: a small toy car, crayons, Santa Claus toy, miniature Barbie toys, etc.

Paper Bows

Gift Wrapping 4

Bows enhance the beauty of gifts and are easy to make too! Cut paper bows out of colorful cardboard using online tutorials and stick it on the brown cardboard paper.

Polka Dot Paper

Gift Wrapping 5

You can also paint some white or multi-colored big polka dots on the wrapping paper and gift your package.

Do try these easy yet attractive gift wrapping ideas at home that can make your gifts look unique and grab all the compliments from your friends and family.

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