What Your Handwriting Reveals About You!

What Your Handwriting Reveals About You!

Our handwriting is an imprint of our soul on paper. Many may not know this, but our handwriting represents our personality, behavior and our thoughts as well. The science of analyzing one’s personality by their handwriting is ‘Graphology’. Research tells that 5000 personality traits can be identified by how you write, how much pressure you put while writing, how you mold certain letters etc. Enlisted below are a few tips that would help you read your personality traits by how you write.


Wide spacing between the words showcase that the person has developed trust issues and prefers to keep themselves distant. People who maintain normal spacing between two words are very clear-minded and have an ability to build healthy relationships. Narrow spacing indicates that the person feels lonely and need to be in constant contact with the people around them.

The i’s and t’s

How one places the dot on the ‘i’ reveals their personality. For e.g. those who place the dot high at a distance, are known to have a good imagination, those who circle the dot have a childlike personality, and using a dash instead of the dot indicates a typical or overly critical personality. How one puts the cross in the‘t’ reveals how they think. Where long crossers are enthusiastic and determined, short crossers are lazier in nature.

Large letters v/s Small letters

Some people use large fonts while writing, when there are those whose font size is very small. This defines your personality & how confident you are. Those who use large letters want to feel understood & noticed. They are usually people oriented; their circle is big and is carefree. It also indicates that the person lacks concentration skills and very easily gets distracted. People with small handwriting are much more focused and have great concentration skills. These people work best under pressure and are very reserved and introverted.

Heavy pressure v/s Light pressure

People who put pressure on the paper while writing are full of energy and very enthusiastic. They are passionate and put their heart and soul into completing tasks. Light pressure while writing is a sign of less energy. These types of people prefer work that doesn’t require physical strength and are also sensitive in nature.

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