Why Abacus teaches you mathematics and much more?

Abacus has become a buzzword all in the recent past have become familiar with and use whenever any topic on Mathematics comes up. But do we really learn it through? How much optimum use of it have we made? What degree of awareness surrounds us about its practical effects? That it emerged in China 2500 years ago and has spread across Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries over time is noteworthy, however, do you know in how many ways does learning Ababcus helps us? Come, let’s have a look.

Vivid visualization: ‘Abacus’ is also known as “mental maths” for a reason. Somebody having learnt the system can visualize an abacus in his or her mind, and it does not replace them into words. This is a skill that doesn’t just equip for better mathematical abilities but is also useful for other things like divergent thinking, creativity, ideation and clarity of thought.

Photographic memory: Abacus is also known as ‘mental math’ and therefore the habit of calculating on Abacus demands you to visualize an abacus in your head. This not just increases the speed of your calculation equipping you with the ability to do large sums without a calculator or pen & paper, it also significantly improves your photographic memory. This is useful for preparation of all subjects for examinations, cartographic work and in fact even in visual arts.

Recall: A consequential benefit of the above point learning abacus teaches you. When you have  a photographic memory you are able to recall the definition of a scientific phenomenon or the route to your friend’s house very comfortably. This attribute is very useful in jobs on detection, investigation and running defence organizations.  

Concentration: Abacus in its process involves the mind fully and demands special concentration. The concentration power and the consequent attention span equips the mind well for other arenas of life like sports, writing, reading, singing and making quick decisions.

Logical reasoning: Advanced mathematical problems that require superior logical reasoning are often solved by students who have learnt abacus with considerable ease as compared to others. Problem solving and logical reasoning form a valuable skillset even outside the purview of pure and applied mathematics. Be it managerial tasks, leading a team, crises management or in fact even planning a trip this skillset helps you stay an edge above others.



Posted By siddhesh | Date : 2019-06-04

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