Monsoon is that time of the year which is dreaded and awaited for, alike. Dreaded by professionals, salesmen, businessmen and people who go out and work, however, students who slog throughout the year with copious amounts of submissions, home works and high-on-stress life hold their breath in excitement for the monsoon to arrive. Monsoons don’t mean all the mud and waterlogged streets, to them unlike their elder counterparts because they are sufficiently compensated for it with their own romance with nature. It is a few days of fun, frolic and mad enjoyment. But is it really that fun to sit at home like a couch potato and do nothing? Just surfing through the idiot box or browsing random things on the internet can get really very boring. Why not add some fun to those idle evenings by devoting an hour or two every day to learn something new and improve your skill set? Isn't it too cool to make optimum use of the time when you don't have anything left the study and can't even go out and play? Check out what all can your child do.

Calligraphy & Handwriting Improvement: Our handwriting is something that has given us jitters at least at some given point in our lives. Should we let the same embarrassment repeat with our little ones? With a rapid increase in the digital footprint in our world, our kids are getting more and more detached from the habit of writing physically. We must recognize that our handwriting is a testament of our confidence, our personality, our creativity and a keyboard can never substitute for our relationship with a pen or pencil. Enrol your kids to handwriting improvement & calligraphy classes for not just improving their general dexterity with a pen or a pencil but also for teaching them a variety of fonts.

Abacus: Do big numbers still give you jitters? Can you mentally multiply large numbers with accuracy? Do you use a calculator or your mobile phone for calculations very often? If yes, then probably you didn’t get trained in abacus in your childhood. Don’t let your kids fall prey to the same trap of hating numbers. Train them in this calculation system which is one of the oldest and most reliable. It improves your accuracy, speed of calculation, mental mathematics, and above all reduces your fear of numbers. Why not surprise the Maths teacher in school after vacations?

Art & Craft: Hyperactivity, crankiness, a mind that is too active thinking all mischiefs up is how a child’s mind is meant to behave. Merely discouraging them or punishing them is a surface level approach that in fact accentuates there hyperactivity. Instead of becoming constructive toward the life they become destructive. Art & craft is perhaps the only way how a child’s energy can be channelized into constructive things. Did you know ice-cream sticks if decorated well can make good photo-frames? Did you know the process of art and craft actually has a soothing effect on people giving them spiritual satisfaction? Not only that, art and craft don’t just make the mind a room for creative and divergent thinking but the products made also have a huge market out there. What you make as for leisure earns you profits and how is something crucial to take note of for career prospects. So what are you waiting for? Make your child responsible, responsive, creative and above all ensure them a good experience in life.

Traditional Painting: A sketchbook, a pencil, a pack of crayons, at best a paintbrush and watercolours, is this all that painting takes? Does painting only refer to figurines, sceneries, colourful landscapes? Very clearly that ain’t the case. India boasts of a rich cultural heritage and art forms. Mandala Art, Gond Art, Warli Painting and Madhubani Painting are forms that are witnessing a revival today and to learn any of these art forms at this time of cultural renaissance will be very helpful and satisfying. This at the same time also will get your children rooted in their own culture and traditions.

Chinese One-Stroke Painting: Doesn't matter if you are already confident with a paintbrush or you will be holding it the first time, the Chinese one-stroke painting is a form which is easy to learn and unique in its process. To learn this will effectively mean that your child has an advanced understanding of the painting by knowing about in evolved form. Vacations will be spent doing something new for your children if you enrol them in such a course.

Time is very precious in today’s world and so is holistic, all-round development of a child. These activities if learnt together or one by one don't just act as a pastime but get your children evolved as persons, emotionally as well as intellectually.

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