Is drawing Mandala, a stress buster?


Mandala Art is a testament to the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the subcontinent. Mandala meaning circle in Sanskrit is a complex abstract design usually circular in form and shape. It has one central point from which emanate a host of symbols, shapes, designs and patterns. There is a philosophy behind the form which it encapsulates in all its works. Although based on a semblance of thematic and aesthetic considerations it amply incorporates the artist's individual signature embodying the meanings he or she etches to the work of art. The inner world meeting the outer world is a union that Mandala art in practice celebrates and is both therapeutic and inspirational.

Order out of disorder: The wayward self and the soul find their centring space in mandala art. It is, in fact, a therapy tool to make order out of disorder. The mandala designs although sparkling with different colours and shapes have a semblance in the chaos it creates adding a sense of symmetry and geometry to its unbalanced structure. Finding the order in disorder is like finding silence in the cacophony of life what practising mandala art lets you achieve. Nearly every culture uses mandalas is a circular image in their cultural or spiritual practices.  

Representation of the unconscious self:  The unconscious self finds its expression in things involuntarily and mandala art captures it in its representation. Carl Jung said When I began drawing the mandalas, I saw that everything, all the parts I had been following, all the steps I had taken were leading back to a single point- namely, the midpoint. It became increasingly plain to me that the of the mandala is the centre. It is the exponent of all the parts. It is the path to the centre to individuation. Jung said the urge for people to make mandalas emerges during moments of intense personal growth. In his work, he noted how mandala drawings changed over time as healing occurred in his patients.

Seeking the self in the omnipresent: Mandala art puts the mind in a perspective which encapsulates itself within the aesthetic cosmos that Mandala art constructs. This is because mandalas are present everywhere. You can find them both in man-made environs as well as natural spaces. Once you begin drawing Mandala art start noticing mandala patterns everywhere.

Channelizing your energy: One of the major reasons for physical and mental stress is not being satisfied by your present circumstances and not achieving the desired results for what you put in your efforts. As human beings, we all have untapped energy which if not channelized towards a direction becomes destructive. Mandala art channelizes our energies to a constructive end not just giving us creative satisfaction with the result but a calming peace in the process with its circular motifs.

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