Being Crafty Isn't Just a hobby … it's a way of life!

Craft is fun for children and the young-at-heart! If your child is just learning the difference between different types of shapes, you can review them by making a craft made from basic shapes. Your child will enjoy creating an entire picture out of nothing but circles and triangles of different sizes.

Do not despair as your house turns into a crafting mess - your children are learning some important skills and life-lessons! Getting stuck – often literally – into an art and craft project often means a typhoon of glue, paint, glitter, toilet roll tubes and wild imagination, which of course, makes it all worthwhile.

  • Craft Improves Fine Motor Skills.
  • Craft helps kids communicate their thoughts & feelings.
  • Crafting Teaches Kids to Follow Instructions.
  • Craft teaches teamwork & social skills.
  • Craft teaches kids to try.
  • Kids Enjoy Seeing That They Can Improve.

PENKRAFT’s concept of ‘course in a box’ means that everything that you need for undergoing a course, be it in art & craft, handwriting improvement, or calligraphy is included in the box. The box thus consists of the coursebook, the course schedule, practice books and equipment such as the calligraphy nibs, pens, pencils, etc for the particular course. read more...

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