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Devanagari Calligraphy

Devanagari, which is also called as Nagari, is the ancient script of India and Nepal. It gives great emphasis on the symmetrical structure of alphabets and the horizontal line that runs across it. Devanagari is a combination of syllables and alphabets and it was widely used to write Sanskrit, Prakrit, Nepali, Hindi and Marathi.

Devanagari script came in use from the 7th Century. Various pillars and temples in South India stand as testimony of the use of this script. Various inscriptions on rocks and caves in history were done in Devanagari.

Today Devanagari is used in more than 120 languages, and since the time Calligraphy has gained fame, historians and designers have been making beautiful templates in Devanagari. It is one of the world’s oldest languages and styling it with modern styles and patterns gives it an amazing look.