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Pop Art

Truk Art

Trucks in India are a psychedelic display of interesting slogans emanating from rustic wisdom, a plethora of colors, an abundance of decorative articles, and countless convoluted symbols. They serve as a 3-dimensional canvas of the ‘mood of the janata’ amalgamated with the influences of different regional cultures and sub-cultures!
Apart from the ubiquitous and universal ‘Horn OK Please’, ‘Wait For Side’, ‘Use Dipper At Night’, etc, an evolving melange of color schemes, fonts, and symbols has become popular as the years have unfolded - Pop Art has ‘evolved’ and with a set of unspoken rules too.
First, the surfaces are painted with a base color - usually a bright and saturated like color like yellow, orange, red, etc is used. You won't see any dark colors there. Then there are fonts - different slogans are written at the back, the front and, sometimes, on the sides of the truck. The back slogans are usually safety-oriented slogans depicting the use of a horn or the use of dipper lights at night, etc and usually accompanied with a homily or two full of rustic wisdom! Finally, the icons or symbols are painted - usually to embellish the trucks. We also see different visual motifs from our culture, history, and beliefs.

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