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Water Colors

Water Color

Usage of watercolors is an old and famous art method which is considered both, a painting and a medium. Watercolors are made of color pigments mixed in water-soluble agents and are simply prepared for use by mixing the paint which is available in both forms - as cakes and tubes - with water, and varying the amount of pigment to get different tones and shades. Originally, animal glues were used as a binder for this purpose, but now acacia gum is most commonly used. The most striking feature of water-colors is their transparency which gives a fresh look to the painting! Different techniques are used to create watercolor paintings which include different types of washes, dabbing, dry brushing, and others.

The Penkraft Online Watercolors course starts with learning how to mix colors with water to get different tones & its different techniques of application and washes, followed by creating basic elements like flowers, leaves, animals, birds, easy human figures and some necessary do’s and don’ts. We then teach step by step on how to create products using watercolor paper and create artworks over it. The course then progresses to other DIY paper surfaces and canvas. Throughout the course, we keep providing tips and tricks to make your experience rewarding and your knowledge of this art thorough!

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