We often hear kids chanting "The Alphabet Song" - ABCDEFG-HIJKLOMNOP-QRSTUVWXYZ! Have you noticed the sequence of alphabets while they sing? By-hearting isn't the right way to teach beginners, English. They need to identify and recognize the sounds of each letter as well as a blend they form in a word.

Phonics is a systematic way of teaching beginners to identify letters sound and grouped letters sound and identify letters while they write words.

Phonics is an approach associated with the teaching of reading and writing the words with the help of the phonemes (sounds of letters) with the particular graphemes(letters), both in isolation and combination of letters.

Our course is scientifically designed with structured, module-based approach which supports teaching at the right levels, as it unfolds in a logical manner to achieve the right learning outcomes at every level. Majorily courses available in market lack a structured, logically ordered course, this hampers the learning path of the learner. It may lead to confusion instead of portraying a clear picture.
Our course supports learning of vowels at the first place as it helps to start in developmentally appropriate way to learn the letter sounds of the spoken and written language. Courses able in market give least importance to the vowels of the spoken and written language, at the initial level of the course.
Our course covers all key rules of phonics that one must know to have a complete understanding of the course/subject. Other courses do not cover all rules but only few rules to start with.
All rules are backed with worksheets in the book so that practice can make one prefect and help them have complete understanding of the course/subject. As all rules are not covered, one is unable to have a complete understanding from the course/subject.
For Teachers, complete training session is guided, organized and well-planned for timely completion. Other courses lack planning and organization, which in return affect one's learning.
By the end of Level-1, a child is confidently able to read the basic words by use of sounds they learnt during this level. By the end of Level-1, a child merely learns the sounds of letters.

PENKRAFT’s concept of ‘course in a box’ means that everything that you need for undergoing a course, be it in art & craft, handwriting improvement, or calligraphy is included in the box. The box thus consists of the coursebook, the course schedule, practice books and equipment such as the calligraphy nibs, pens, pencils, etc for the particular course. read more...

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