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Who is Penkraft® suitable for?


There is no hobby like Art, Craft or Calligraphy to de-stress, and we fully understand that you don’t have the luxury of time to pursue these courses in a conventional manner! Hence, Penkraft®’s ‘course in a box’, which allows you to learn these disciplines, and indulge in them at a time and place of your choosing.


Utilize your spare time and generate a source of regular income by starting your own Handwriting, Calligraphy, Art & Craft classes from the convenience of your home, at a time and scale of your choosing. Penkraft®’s ‘course in a box’ ensures you don’t have to go searching for the material for your students or pay unnecessary royalty to others for using a brand. And what’s more: we provide you with training on how to teach Art, Craft, Calligraphy & Handwriting Improvement.

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