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Penkraft Oil Painting Workshop!

Penkraft Oil Painting Workshop!

During this workshop, you shall learn -

  • Information on Oil Painting.
  • Techniques and methods to handle Oil Paint on (12"X18") stretched Canvas.
  • Information about the materials used while working with Oil Paints.
  • Learn how to handle the hog brush, and maintain their shelf life.
  • Learn how to create a color palette of your own.
  • Information about the types of canvas.
  • Guidance throughout the process of creating the artwork.
  • Dos and don'ts to follow while working with Oil Paints.
  • Step by step guidance and demonstration. 

Material provided - Canvas (12"X18"), Oil Colours Set of 12, Brushes (Hog brush - round & Flat), 1 bottle 100ml Linseed Oil.

Take aways - A beautiful master piece created by you, confidence of creating the next beautiful artwork without any help, a refreshed mind and happiness.

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