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Landscape knife painting is a visual art composed on various surfaces, understand the medium Penkraft has introduced to explore your creativity.

During the Workshop, you shall learn-

  • The mediums and tools required to create landscape knife painting.
  • The fundamental rule to create a painting is to understand the color theory.
  • Understand and learn different types of colors combinations, harmonious blends with different shades, and how to procure the shades.
  • Different types of strokes to create with a palette knife.
  • Understand how to hold the knife correctly, to create the particular strokes.
  • How to apply the strokes, to create the boat and sea-shore.
  • Tips and tricks to enhance your work.
  • Dos and don'ts to follow while working with knife painting.
  • Demonstration throughout the process.
  • Guidance to maintain the shelf-life of the artwork.  
Material Provided - Streched Canvas 12x18"-1, Pallette Knife set-1, Acrylic Tube Colors (6 Basic Shades)-1 Tube Each.

Takeaways - A beautiful masterpiece created by you, the confidence to create the next beautiful artwork without any help, a refreshed mind, and happiness.

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