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Start Your Own Penkraft Franchise® @ ₹ 10,000/-!

1. Once you take a Penkraft franchise on signing the standard agreement, Penkraft provides you (or your nominated representative) complete Penkraft Teachers' Training for all the subjects of the franchise you have purchased. The training for each subject is available in two modes:

(a) Offline mode: The training is conducted for 3 full days (10 am to 3 pm) for each subject by a Penkraft Master Trainer for that subject. Offline training is currently available at multiple locations.

(b) Online mode: The training is conducted over 5 days for each subject as a series of LIVE 1-to-1 sessions by a Penkraft Master Trainer for that subject. The day, date, and timing can be mutually decided between you and the assigned Penkraft Master Trainer.

2. Subjects to choose (one or more) from:

Ethnic art forms: Pen Mandala, Dot Mandala, Madhubani Painting, Warli Painting, and more.

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Modern art forms: Decoupage, Fluid Art, Resin Art, and more.

Calligraphy: Cut Nb Calligraphy, Brush Calligraphy, Copperplate Calligraphy, and more.

Handwriting: Cursive Handwriting, Print Handwriting, Devanagari Handwriting, and more.

Abacus Maths, Phonics, Vedic Maths. Cursive Handwriting, Print Handwriting, Print Handwriting

3. Post-training, Penkraft, a government-registered training partner of National Skill Development Corporation, certifies you as a Penkraft Certified Teacher®.

4. Penkraft helps you set up &run your own home-based classes and provides you complete operational and marketing support -

(a) branding and design for your classes,
(b) your own web listing on the Penkraft website,
(c) social media marketing in the form of your posts on Penkraft Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest pages (to be continuously managed and promoted by a dedicated Penkraft central team member) on an ongoing basis for the entire duration of the franchise,
(d) all creatives you need for your offline promotions (posters, flyers, banners, standees, etc.) on an ongoing basis for the entire duration of the franchise,
(e) your own Google My Business location (to be continuously managed and promoted by a dedicated Penkraft central team member).

5. Apart from teaching students & adults at your class, you can start teaching online to students already registered on Penkraft’s portal. As Penkraft continues its marketing effort and students keep registering on the portal, you will receive a notification in your Penkraft account the moment a student anywhere in the world registers for the subject for which you have taken a franchise – you can then choose whether to accept that student or not.

6. Penkraft books and kits can be bought on Penkraft's website at discounted prices. You can either use these for your students or you can even re-sell these at MRP and thus keep a 20 - 25% commission on the same.

7. Penkraft has a retail portal for selling gift items such as decorated phone cases, decorated tea coasters, decorated coffee mugs. etc; for selling small artifacts and knick-knacks in bulk as return gifts; and for selling customized artworks of our franchisees to a global audience - as a member of the Penkraft family, you can freely register on this portal and sell your creations! And all this WITHOUT paying Penkraft any commission! What's more, Penkraft advertises your products to the relevant audience at zero cost to you! Penkraft franchisees can sell their and their students' art creations on Penkraft's retail portal at zero commission.

8. Penkraft’s 1-year renewable franchise is available for the subjects as given in the brochure. The fee for Penkraft franchise is ₹ 10,000/- per subject. The franchise is renewable after the first year on payment of ₹ 1000/- per subject per year.

Here's a Penkraft® Franchise Brochure to give you the requisite information on Penkraft franchise and on starting your own home-based Penkraft Classes.

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