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My Journey from a Student to An Entrepreneur - Jab I met – Pallavi Samant Desai and Shraddha Jain. When I use a brush / pen to draw an object on a canvas it opens a creative world for me. The drawing instrument then becomes a via medium to express my creative thoughts.The creative urge was always there in me, but the lack of formal training acted as a stumbling block to achieve perfection. In my endeavour to achieve the perfection, I approached Penkraft (The art school ..). The courses provided me the much-needed formal training I was looking for. I was impressed by the scientific approach the courses offered. They are so designed that even homemakers/ students find it helpful and relevant. In Penkraft, my creative skills were honed by Shraddha Jain (The Master Trainer) and my dream to become an Entrepreneur was fulfilled by Pallavi Samant Desai (The founder of Penkraft) I Would like to thank both for being my Preceptor, Guide in this journey. Following in their footsteps I would like to be the Guide for the creative artists who are going to enrol in our academy. I sincerely hope that they too will get the wings to fly to start their creative journey from a student to an Entrepreneur. To all my students who are going to enroll in our Penkraft, Attibele Center please fasten your seat belt (wear your creative cap). The journey starts from October 2019.

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Print Handwriting
Cut Nib Calligraphy
Chinese One Stroke Painting
Madhubani Painting
Pen Mandala
Gond Art
Dot Mandala