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Penkraft Shraddha Jain

A commerce graduate by qualification, a motivator by passion and an entrepreneur at heart, Shraddha has lived and worked across many states in India and now lives in Bangalore with her husband and two children. With her marketing background and a string of successful ventures – Avon consultant, Tupperware consultant and manager of a group of 70, et al – Shraddha is a pioneer amongst Penkraft Certified Teachers and Penkraft Master Trainers. In an another first, she has established Penkraft Activity Center at Whitefield, Bangalore in 2018. Having trained hundreds of students and scores of teachers in different disciplines of Penkraft, Penkraft Center, Whitefield Bangalore is a model franchise of Penkraft and an institution of pride.

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Print Handwriting
Cursive Handwriting
Devnagiri Handwriting
Cut Nib Calligraphy
Brush Pen Calligraphy
One Stroke Painting
Madhubani Painting
Pen Mandala
Dot Mandala
Gond Art
Gond Art
Fluid Art
Abacus Maths
Vedic Maths